Game # 6001U6 Mixed South

Tuesday, Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Carp Mini Field 1A @ 18:00


Carp U6M2




Carp U6M5


198 Langstaff Dr, Carp

Please note that parking is at the Huntley Curling Club, across the street.

Carp Soccer Fields:

Note:  All Mini Fields are divided into "A" and "B" halves for U6 games

North of the path: (same side as port-a-potty):

Carp Full Field 1 (has minis on it)

Carp Mini Field 1, on full field 1, closest to Langstaff Drive
Carp Mini Field  2, on full field 1, behind Mini 1

South of the path

Carp Mid Field, between Full Field 1 and 2, has Mini 3 and 4 on it.

Carp Mini Field 3,  on the Mid Field, closest to Langstaff Drive

Carp Mini Field 4, on the Mid Field, behind Mini 3

Carp Full Field 2 - does not have other fields on it (has tall fences to help stop balls going onto private property).

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U6 Mixed North
Dun U6M2PreDun U6M1
Kin U6M2PreKin U6M1
C Bay U6M1PreC Bay U6M2

U6 Mixed South
Carp U6M2PreCarp U6M3
Carp U6M4PreCarp U6M1
Carp U6M6PreCork U6M1
Cork U6M2PreCarp U6M5

U8 Mixed
Carp U8M2PreDun U8M2
Carp U8M4PreC Bay U8M2
C Bay U8M1PreKin U8M1
Dun U8M1PreCarp U8M3
Carp U8M5PreCarp U8M1
Fitz U8M1PreCork U8M1

Carp U8M1PreCarp U8M2
Carp U8M3PreCarp U8M4
Carp U8M5PreTBD
C Bay U8M1PreC Bay U8M2
Cork U8M1PreTBD
Dun U8M1PreDun U8M2
Fitz U8M1PreTBD
Kin U8M1PreTBD
Carp U8G1PreCarp U8G2
C Bay U8G1PreTBD
Cork U8G1PreCork U8G2
Cork U8G3PreTBD
Dun U8G1PreTBD
Kin U8G1PreTBD
C Bay U6G1PreTBD
Fitz U6M1PreTBD

U6 Girls
Carp U6G2PreCarp U6G1
Carp U6G3PreCarp U6G4
Kin U6G1PreCork U6G1

U8 Girls
Carp U8G1PreCork U8G3
Cork U8G1PreDun U8G1
C Bay U8G1PreCarp U8G2
Kin U8G1PreCork U8G2


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